What does gorilla trekking in Uganda Cost?
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What does gorilla trekking in Uganda cost?

“The permit fee for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is currently US$700. Although this might seem expensive, it is a bargain compared to the US$1,500 permit fee in Rwanda, which is currently the only other country where these gentle giants can be tracked. Gorilla trekking is offered in two parks in Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Both offer a similar experience where you can spend one hour with a gorilla troop after you have reached their location.

The group size is limited to eight people. A new activity, offered in Bwindi only, is the gorilla habituation experience. Two semi-habituated troops can be tracked by a limited group of four tourists daily, who can stay for four hours. Viewing is less easy as these gorillas prefer to keep their distance since they aren’t yet fully habituated. The price for this special activity is US$1,500.”