Introduction to mountain gorillas Many of the clients who visit and also want to visit Uganda have always wondered what would be the best time to do gorilla tracking in Uganda. Well in Uganda mountain gorillas live each and every day. We have got seasons in Uganda which are based on the climate that Uganda

Introduction to Gorilla Trekking Uganda Costs Gorilla Trekking Uganda permits in Uganda can only be purchased through a local Tour operator who goes on to purchase these permits from a government agency which is called Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Gorilla Trekking Uganda permits are legal documents that are presented to the tracking office before the

Introduction to Gorilla Trekking Safaris | Gorilla Tours Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the best amazing experience that you will enjoy in Uganda. Bwindi has got over half of the remaining mountain gorillas of over 400 hundred. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the district of Kanungu, Kisoro, Rubanda

Introduction to Gorilla Trekking Ruhija Sector The Ruhija Sector can be found in the southern part of Uganda namely in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and among the many routes to take while approaching the area for the gorilla tracking exercise. The sector, This region, known for its high biodiversity and dense tree coverage, often serves

Golden monkey trekking activities are some of the fascinating touristic activities that have taken shape and gained popularity in the past two decades among travelers in East Africa. This activity takes place in the Virunga Mountain ranges where these primates are endemic to. Golden monkeys are a subspecies of the blue monkey and there are

Chimpanzee trekking locations in Uganda  Chimpanzees are an exciting primate species inhabiting the Ugandan forests scattered all over the Western and southern parts of the country. Chimpanzee trekking as an outdoor tourism activity allows guests to spend ample time with chimpanzees, learning and unlearning multiple things about the lives of the primates. Chimpanzees are a

Batwa trail, Mgahinga National Park. Ever heard of the Batwa people? Once you meet them, you’ll see the love of the forest in their eyes and overall lifestyle. The Batwa people are one of the interesting icons to be unveiled by travelers to Mgahinga National Park. The Batwa live a typical hunter-gatherer life that they

Bigodi community walk. The Bigodi community walk parades an experience of deep immersion into breathtaking nature. The pathways through the moist, riverine, and evergreen vegetation offer visitors the opportunity to marvel at some of the most exciting creatures there are in Uganda. Bigodi Community is located in the Bigodi wetland on the outskirts of Kibale

Visit Uganda Visit Uganda Recently, Uganda realigned her identity as the most ideal travel and tourism destination in the world, not only for backpackers but also adventure-seeking travelers, tourists, and nature enthusiasts. From the low-lying dry Savannah plains of Kidepo Valley National Park to the high-elevating snow-capped Rwenzori mountains, the country is indeed the place

uganda gorilla trekking permit cost gorilla trekking permit, Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities that regulates and also monitors and prepares how the different activities such as gorilla trekking permit, in tourism as well as different travel destinations are organized.  It has helped in the continuous