The Most Powerful Dian Fossey hike: Volcanoes National Park 2024
Dian Fossey hike at Volcanoes National Park.

Dian Fossey hike at Volcanoes National Park.

The Dian Fossey grave hike is one of the outstanding activities there’s in the picturesque Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. The hike will take the visitor through the most beautiful places of the National Park and also enable them to watch exciting creatures therein.

Visitors on the hike have the golden chance to set their eyes on most significantly the mountain gorillas and other exciting fauna species since they will be traversing through their habitat.

Volcanoes National Park as the host of the hike.

Volcanoes National Park is a remarkable destination in Rwanda. It hosts an incredible diversity of both plants and animal life. Visitors to Volcanoes National Park get immersed in the sensational beauty of the Virunga massif.

Travelers have the opportunity to indulge in a series of exciting touristic activities ranging from the most outstanding mountain gorilla tracking to hikes. Volcanoes is a host of five of the eight captivating Virunga mountain ranges.

It is located in the northwest of Rwanda and spans an area of approximately 160 square kilometers.

Who was Dian Fossey?

Dian Fossey was a renowned primatologist. She rose to fame due to her exceptional work in the Virunga massif. She undertook extensive research about mountain gorillas between 1966 to the time she was murdered in 1985 by unknown assailants.

She dedicated her entire life to studying the lives of gorillas and other primates. She would do that regularly and she deserves the credit for the booming gorilla tourism activities in East Africa today.

It was because of her works and ideas that gorilla habituation processes were undertaken in the Virunga conservation area which has led to the exciting gorilla tourism activities such as trekking that many travelers enjoy in various national parks today.

Dian Fossey started the Karisoke Research Center which is up to date used by researchers from all corners of the world who wish to study primates in Volcanoes National Park.

The researcher spent 20 years in Rwanda studying mountain gorillas and indeed her work didn’t go to waste.

She was a renowned lover of the mountain gorillas and that is why when she died, she was buried close to her friends – the mountain gorillas who had also breathed their last. She indeed deserves the credit for her achievements. Travelers from time to time have hiked her grave in honor of the legend and her legendary works.

Hiking experience to the Dian Fossey gravesite.

The hike to Dian Fossey’s gravesite is normally done in the morning. Visitors arrive at the parks office in Kinigi at around 7:00 AM when they get briefed about the activity by the Ranger guides.

The Ranger guides provide travelers with information about the rules that govern the hike and what to do in case they meet wildlife species along the way.

The message is always about responsible travel and sustainability.

Visitors then embark on the hike at around 8:00 AM starting from the base of Mount Bisoke. Walking sticks are provided at the start of the hike at a free cost by the service providers at the National Park headquarters.

The Walking sticks help support the visitor while on the hike and enable them to maneuver through the thick tropical rainforests and make their way through shrubs and mountainous terrain.

Travelers can also hire porters to help them carry their bags and personal equipment they’ll need throughout the hike.

While on the climb, visitors unveil the breathtaking views of the entire Virunga massif that are good for photography and videography which usually act as souvenirs for the never-to-be-forgotten adventures in Africa.

Visitors will set their eyes on several wildlife species along the way including primates and bird species, especially the African endemics.

The Dian Fossey gravesite is at 2967 meters above sea level and it usually takes about two to three hours of determined hiking. The speed to the summit depends on the physical fitness of the hikers.

The best time to visit and the cost

The dry seasons are the most appropriate times in which one can embark on a successful and uninterrupted hike to the Dian Fossey gravesite. The dry seasons in Rwanda occur from early June to late September and from December to mid-March.

How to access the Dian Fossey gravesite.

Esteemed travelers can drive to Volcanoes National Park. It takes only a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Kigali International Airport to Volcanoes National Park.

On arrival at the park headquarters, continue to the base of Mount Bisoke where the hike starts. Mount Bisoke is only a 30-minute drive away from the park entrance.


Dian Fossey hike

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