African Birdwatching Tours

East Africa offers some of the best birding safaris in the world. Birds are an integral part of the African landscape. Even on an ordinary safari, you can expect to see colorful bee-eaters and rollers, proud eagles and ostriches. Because it’s dominated by open savannah rather than dense rainforest, East Africa tops the list for seeing a large number of species in the course of an ordinary holiday. Many leading African safari destinations boast a checklist of more than 500 bird species. These include Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), and Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda). If you’ve been bitten by the birding bug, a specialist guided safari will maximize your sighting opportunities.

Why should I choose an African birding safari?

“Obviously because you want to do a Birding Safari that will focus on birds, not the Big Five and other furry fauna. Africa supports a wonderfully varied and colorful birdlife. While you will see plenty of larger species on an ordinary safari, you are likely to double (even triple) the trip list on a bird safari. A well-constructed bird-watching tour will maximize the area’s potential in several ways.

The Birding Safari will use expert birding guides, concentrate on locations that support interesting species and ignore all but the most special animal sightings. You will be out and about in the early morning and late afternoon, when avian activity tends to peak. These are all good reasons for serious enthusiasts to choose a dedicated bird-watching tour. However, be warned that the single-minded focus of a specialist bird tour might be a turn-off for safari-goers looking to balance birding with wildlife-viewing. ”

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